Challenges in validating safety critical embedded systems

In addition, software testing efforts performed late in the development stage generate expensive design rework.In some cases, software requirements are inadequate or even incomplete to meet user needs.However, Gherkin, the BDD test specification language, does not provide syntax for parameterization.In this paper, we propose a syntax extension of Gherkin, which enables parameterization of configurations.

In order to guarantee the required levels of software quality within such tight schedules, software reliability tools must evolve.

Regulatory standards are increasingly important for complex high-assurance applications.

Some of these standards have been established for years, while others are just now emerging in key industries.

Our extensive knowledge of embedded systems and the world’s most important safety standards mean we are able to assist organisations across the entire development life cycle.

From airborne systems to spacecraft to railway signalling systems, our V&V experts are supported by our own multi-purpose Software Validation Facilities which add flexibility to our services by supporting automated hardware, model and software-in-the-loop test environments according to the most stringent industry standards, including DO-178B/C Level A.

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