D3 stuck at updating tools dating anchorage alaska

I had to delete folder one more time, then it started downloading. I'd suggest sticky this thread, since I'm pretty sure with 200k more people with AP getting invites, more people are likely to get stuck on the same problem.I actually have no idea why this fixed it, but this was the only thing I did. So sticky to not flood the forums with the same threads.We'll keep this post updated throughout the next couple of days with the latest problems and info on how to fix them.

It looks like if you, like me have NOT installed TWRP, Rooted or installed a custom ROM on your P9000 and you have only taken the OTH updates sent to you by Elephone, the last update 20160810 screwed your phones original recovery (well done Elephone) and you will not be able to successfully install the current new OTH update, and likely as not never be able to install any Elephone updates unless you repair your phones recovery yourself !!Avid, the makers of Pro Tools, introduced the Avid Application Manager some time ago in an effort to make the job of updating Pro Tools, Avid software and plugins simpler.However it seems from community feedback that the Avid Application Manager is proving unreliable for some.maybe it's something else for me because it still just won't work =( Hope it works for everyone else, maybe I'll find something that works for me! Are you sure something else like your firewall is not blocking the connection?You could also try to do the same but start your windows in Safe Mode with Network and run the installer.

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