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Police say he had arranged a date the night before with Hailey Rose Bustos, 18, who he met on the popular online dating site, Plenty of Fish.

According to reports, after a night of bowling, Bustos texted Hilarie saying, “I had a good time and would like to see you again.” Officials say the pair arranged to see each other the following evening, but police say Bustos brought three men to Hilarie’s apartment to rob him.

MORE: Danger Mouse is back – Children’s TV favourite to return ‘When I helped to create Danger Mouse I had no idea the show would be such a huge success both in the UK and overseas,’ said Cosgrove.

Yes, you can get killed even after meeting in a public place, but chances are the fourth date will grant you a peek into the person’s psyche.

No matter how wonderful they are, you will get SOME kind of idea of what lies beneath their persona.

‘I am delighted that a whole new generation will be introduced to his daring deeds and thrilled to be part of this new 21st century series.

I can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to for the last 23 years.’ Although the world’s greatest secret agent (sorry, 007) will still live in his red post box with Penfold in Baker Street, London, it will be given a modern-day revamp. MORE: 11 things you should know about Danger Mouse DM will have the latest gadgetry at his disposal if he needs to battle his nemesis, the evil Baron Greenback.

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