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There are dating websites and apps in abundance these days but some people still struggle to find love online.

So where are men going wrong when it comes to trying to woo a woman?

The kind of person who joins the military has already passed through a certain number of professional gates. One psychologist in a Times of India article on men in uniform, suggested that women are attracted to the “chivalry” exuded in the mannerisms of men in uniform.

Or that they were interested in the status implied by medals, ribbons and shiny brass buttons. I wonder if the advantage military men have in online dating is something more prosaic.

But perhaps he wouldn't think I would go for him given the age difference.

What explains the edge military guys have when it comes to online dating? Among our own audiences at Spouse X events, meeting online is always in the top three ways military folks find a mate. We are also always getting letters from women who “met” a military guy online who turns out to be a scammer begging them for money. But for military guys to have an actual advantage before other occupations? Haven’t those women seen the articles about service members on foodstamps? Don’t they get that for every passionate, romantic, picture-worthy homecoming kiss there are (on average) 180 days in which the only lips that touch your own smell like the inside of a sippy cup?? In one study, military men were second in preference only to lawyers. (In case you are interested, women who list themselves as being in law enforcement or the military are among the least successful in the online dating game—which probably tells you something important about their potential partners.) What do these online women think they are getting when they click open the military package? Willing to commit to a job for at least four years at a time.

Tània Verge, from the Department of Social and Political Science of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), shared data related to the presence of women in different academic levels —from undergraduate to rector— in Spain and other countries. Marta Casanellas Rius, President of the Comisión de Mujeres y Matemáticas of the Real Sociedad Matemática Española, shooted a question: Have women the same opportunities than men in science?

Say something that stands out and makes them laugh, they beg.

We would like to highlight that there were a lot of questions and a high participation, and not only from women, but also from men. They were split into four groups: academia, industry, government and school.

Each group discussed how to improve the situation of women in their context.

All my past relationships I have dated older men - between 10 - 18 years older. And should I just come straight out and ask this guy out for a drink? Again, just looking for a bit of fun at this point and nothing serious but I can't get him out of my mind and I'm literally CRAVING that feeling of being with someone older which I didn't get out of my past relationship . I have dated someone 19 years old, my dad who I am close to has suggested that maybe someone closer to my age than his would be a better option, At 41 I find guys my age who are are still looking to have kids, and I'm not interested, I have one who is now 7, so am okay with older guys, this time round I stick to 50 or younger. Most of my exes have been between 3-11 years older then me.

I'm not looking for a permanent relationship right now as I have a toddler and it's too stressful. I wouldn't go older as it starts to get into men near my parents age and I can't do it. I'm still young at heart so I think with us it's more being attracted to someone who has a lot more worldly experience.

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