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In 1938, a wallet manufacturer in New York wanted to promote its product by showing how nicely the new Social Security cards would fit into them.The company's VP/Treasurer thought it would be cute to use the actual SSN of his secretary, Mrs. A sample of Hilda's card was inserted into each wallet.This past year Payroll and HR Professionals have been bombarded with updates on the Social Security Administration's attack on mismatched Social Security Numbers.Sure, mismatched SSNs are a problem, but should employers be held liable to the extent of facing civil and criminal action? Speaking of mismatched numbers, what do you think is the most commonly misused Social Security Number? • 1 • 9 • 0 Believe it or not, it's 0.The central, two-digit field is called the "group number".

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The operator simply logs in and enters the Social Security Number to receive information about whether or not the number was assigned, where it was assigned and if the person to whom it was assigned has since been reported as deceased to the Social Security Administration.

Through the use of a social security number validation, background checks are able to turn up accurate name and date birth information about an applicant during the pre-employment screening process.

This information includes previous addresses, as well as, any names that have been associated with a specific SSN.

You can process Social Security Numbers SECURELY online with your web browser or XML connection.

The time to retrieve a record online is less than two seconds after you log on.

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