Walmart policy on dating coworkers

I wasn't looking for a spouse--just a summer internship.But I ended up getting both, one five years after the other.

"I came down with a stomach flu and I had to call in due to vomiting and high fever and got a point cause of being sick," recalls an Illinois employee named Veronica.

Would you believe that Walmart gave me a week off (without pay of course) and they didn't hold it against me when I returned. One of the disabled ladies that worked as a door greeter lost her house of thirty years, just a year short of paying off her mortgage, because her hours were cut and she couldn't even eat.

You see, Walmart cares about their associates and their families more than any other company that I know." (His letter is published in full at the bottom of this post, along with an image of Wal-Mart's request on its internal website.)But far more common were stories like these, all of which we received in the past few days:"The Walmart Employee website is encouraging us to refute your stories, asking us to do their PR for them and tell the stories of "the Real Walmart". Our manager said she wanted to apologize for the cut hours and she didn't want anyone going without food or necessities, so to let her know if there were problems.

why should we as a community continue to support this place when it is allowing this to go on.

Just think about it, there are 100 or more people employed at our store alone.

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