Who is wu chun dating

In 2006, the two began to work together in a drama called [Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu] (aka. At first Ella kept her distance from Chun because he looked "too pretty" to her, but after a while, she began to tease him and the bud of a new friendship began. and yeah, JIA YOU for your plans for your wife's birthday. Hana Kimi), Chun was spotted nudging Ella's back/arm. I feel so moved and so pitiful for Ella for the rumors and gossips that she has to go through and endure all these years. Like everyone im very happy to see lots of hints given by CE couple though indirect but really hitting something like the Continues wearing of their couple watch.., the mushroom pics and the lates was the bayby pics... thanks Betty for sharing them right here .ehehe .then somehow , I saw Ella updated her weibo with picture of her holding a chubby baby too today ..ehehe, I just can't help giggling , is this just a co incidence again or what ...here's the picture that Ella posted in her weibo today .since Betty said earlier that perhaps it's Calvin who hold the baby in the pictures that Chun posted , wanna ask u girl ...

Prior to entering showbiz, he was a model and fitness instructor.The most embarrassing event: the time where he wore his top inside out The most memorable event: college’s graduate ceremony What he looks for in a girl: traditional, conservative, a girl who can stand his childish behavior– first one in the group to enter the entertainment industry – plays the guitar – he draws VERY well (the comic figurines on the Singapore coupon is drawn personally by HIM! ) – he likes colours related to the nature – he loves and cares about his mom a lot – most expensive thing he has brought is his mike – he is probably the second most emotional guy in the group – best known for his energetic and facial expressions/gestures/poses Profession: Actor, Singer Birthdate: November 10, 1980 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 184cm Weight: 65kg Family: Parents, older sister Star sign: Scorpio Zodiac: Monkey Band: Fahrenheit Temperature: 77 F, Warm (Spring); Represents: Shuai (Handsome) Education: University of Victoria BC; Post Graduate degree in Economics; Masters Interests: tennis, singing, work out Talents: can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, and Cantonese Pet : Dog Car : A grey sportcar with two doors What he looks for in a girl: fair skin, straight-long hair, confidence, charisma, he believes in love at first site Interesting Facts: – Canada’s AM 1470/FM 96.1 Sunshine Boys 2004 winner in Vancouver – prepares for interviews by writing down what he wants to say – studied in Canada after he graduated from high school – the number; 7 is his lucky number apparently (which explains his “7” poses??? Chun and Ella first met each other at Ella's birthday party in 2005, but didn't become friends until later on. Subbed part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (i know it says, WQYL, but that's a mistake)04 Dec - HK cast attend "Wo Ai Hei Se Hui" (aka. Keep encouraging CE so that when Chun notice your posts again, he'll be more encouraged to officially be with Ella or even share his secret with us. It was from that birthday party, and many other events to come, that we learned that Chun was an introvert. Blackie Show), CE were in their own little world for the majority of the show and Chun caught stealing glances of Ella.09 Dec - HK promo in Taipei, K-Mall.10 Dec - HK promo in Kaohsiung.16 Dec - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" in Taiwan, Chun blushes from some teasing.02 Jan - [ZHUAN SHU TIAN SHI] MV filming. Though up to know, I'm really, and still and will too be hoping for a CE collab or a CE BTS or whatsoever. By the way, thanx for sharing that little tidbit about Yamada Yu and Oguri because the last time I heard that Yamada moved out and so I thought they were not getting along or on the verge of breakout, I was really sad. am really sorry for "disappearing" for such a long time ..

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